Les Conches Velasques – 12″ Vinyl Artwork

Elsewhere, though, Celebración Del Trance Profano faces away from Western rock for its inspirations. There are three “adaptions” on the eight-song album, opener ‘Cosas De Usar’ being derived from Moroccan musician Hamid Alemmou; he was not, as far as I can tell, much given to sub-four-minute guitar numbers, but Jiménez’s deep, almost scholarly voice and an abundance of handclaps maintain a connection with the source. Later, ‘M. Mouma’ again thumbs a lift to Morocco to quasi-cover Casablancan psych veterans Nass El Ghiwane – in practise, the song is fairly thoroughly reseeded (indeed where the resemblance between Les Conches Velasques and The Ex, especially after they connected with the Ethiopian music scene, comes through most strongly)
Noel Gardner , March 8th, 2021